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Data Matters

At ProcessMatters2 we are passionate about the use of data. Too many people have their lives messed up because of wrong or misleading data. We can help small businesses and charities to ensure that they are following best practice by creating policy documents, providing staff training and working with you to keep the topic high on your organisations agenda.


You will learn:

  • Why Data Protection is important

  • How it affects you, your business and your customers

  • How to keep the topic high on the agenda after initial training


We know how hard it is to release staff for whole day training sessions so we tailor sessions to meet your requirements. A typical staff training session lasts for an hour an a half during which time they will learn:


  • How Data Protection affects them personally

  • How it affects your organisation

  • How to handle phone calls

  • How to deal with requests for information

  • How to protect data. We can also help with writing policies, dealing with ICO registration and helping with responses to requests for data.


Get in touch and we can talk about what is best for you.







Feedback from training sessions:


  • One of the best training sessions attended for a long time – very good use of my time, thank you!

  • Trainer was excellent.  Examples helped to make it real and made you think.

  • A boring subject conveyed in an interesting/funny way is rare

  • Subject made enjoyable by the speaker’s enthusiasm 

  • Very interesting – very knowledgeable trainer

  • Helped us to review our data protection procedures


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